TSSI Wins The Huawei Regional Supplier Award

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on Dec 12, 2019

TSSI are pleased to have been presented with the ‘Best Collaboration Award’ in 2019 at Huawei’s annual supplier conference in South Africa. More than 200 global and local suppliers attended the event, held at the Hilton Hotel in Johannesburg.

The award follows an exceptional 12 month period in TSSI’s partnership with Huawei, which resulted in 400% growth within the number of personnel assigned to Huawei globally.

The recipient of the award on TSSI’s behalf, Abdul Mukith, said:

“This award is a reflection of the solidity of the partnership between Huawei & TSSI. It represents the culmination of a year of hard work and dedication from all within our partnership. TSSI are proud and honoured to be partnering with Huawei across the globe.”

Liao Lianglin from Huawei Technologies South Africa also commented:

“This award is an appreciation from Huawei for TSSI’s excellent cooperation in the past year. Especially from the consultant management quantity and quality. Recommending qualified consultants in time and manage for them focusing on creating value for Huawei, That’s what we appreciate much. Let’s cooperate better and deeper from the strategic thinking level and also communicate more closely from daily management issues”. 

We are all honoured to have received this award and are looking forward to our continued working relationship growing with Huawei in the future.


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