Soft skills for career and growth

A positive attitude is what connects all of these soft skills. Believing that there is a positive outcome in all difficult situations will help you navigate the day-to-day of your job while also making others want to work with you. These soft skills are more difficult to teach, but the payoff could be even greater, so make sure you’re auditing and improving your soft skill set.

Why Recruitment Agency Matters

One of the benefits of partnering with a specialised recruitment agency is that they will have exclusive access to some of the best jobs on the market. They may even be recruiting for jobs that have not yet been advertised. TSSI can contact businesses on your behalf that others may be unable to.

Why you should consider a career in the telecoms industry

Millions of people use the internet to work, surf, play games, stream content, and interact with others, yet few of us give the remarkable technology that enables it all much thought. To keep us linked, hundreds of kilometers of wires and cables must be connected, maintained, and expanded as data usage increases. Even if you’re […]

Make your CV stand out in the recession

We all know recession spells job loss, and many experts have predicted we’re headed for a recession. The tech industry broadly has seen a string of layoffs in 2022 in the face of uncertain economic conditions. For example, major tech companies like Twitter, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, Lyft have either announced layoffs or begun the process […]